Defeat hate in Programming. Now!

I found a post with a question about the most unfavored programming language that I ever worked with and found the following sentence.

I HATE JavaScript. Period.

Sure thing, we hate some food, or we hate a specific work, but why do we have such strong feelings against our tools? And is it even a good idea to feel that hate in programming? I will give you good reasons to not hate programming languages or other means and give you some tips on how you can change your feelings about topics you hate.

What is hate?

Before we start the topic, we have first to define hate. It is a feeling that we all have and all of us would agree that we have the same understanding of hate. So let us find a good definition that we can use.

According to Jose I. Navarro is hate a […] deep and extreme emotional dislike. The objects of such hatred can vary extensively. […] In childhood and adolescence, the attitudes of intolerance-impregnated with hatred - are formed, and these are extremely difficult to eradicate later.

That means we do not like something, and it is very, very difficult to change this feeling later. According to that, we know that as soon as we "hate" something, it is super hard to change that opinion again.

Blocking to learn

The first significant disadvantage of hate a programming language is that it blocks your brain of learning it. You will always stumble about the things you do not like about the language and will never see the benefits of the language and also the achievements that this language managed to achieve. The concentration will always be on the negative side, and this is hard to overcome.

As a software engineer, we have to learn every day. There is always a new API or another Framework. Our bosses have a great idea, or our colleagues want to try something new. So if we hate a subject that we have to work in makes us less value in that task. That lack of motivation could lead to bad performance and could, in the worst case, cost our job.

Learning is a challenging task, and it costs a lot of energy. So if we do not enjoy a topic, we start to block and concentrate on something we like. That leads to even worse learning results and because we cannot learn something, we begin to hate it, even more, this leads to a vicious circle that is very hard to escape.

Block opinions and support bad decisions

If we hate something, we tend to disagree with everyone who has another opinion on a topic. If someone is telling you that he achieved something in a subject you hate, you will start to lower his result. The same will happen if you hate something and a colleague brings up a good idea if you hate already what he is saying you maybe lose a great opportunity and even worse, discourage your workmate so that he will never come up with a good idea.

With this in mind, there is a lot of potentials that we may be a disgrace because we "hate" a tool or a framework. Even if it is maybe the best tool for the job and instead decide for something else that perhaps brings technical debts for the next couple of years, just because we hated something. Never underestimate how vital our opinion about a tool is because Product Owner and Decision-maker have to trust our expertise as Engineers when it comes to development. So you are one of the most essential sources of knowledge in that area.

Lack of motivation

So you hate to work with, for example, Visual Studio Code, but your chef can not afford a Jet brains license. (Which should always be possible) You will immediately be discouraged, and if you hate it, you close yourself the opportunity to learn something new, and maybe find new plugins and tools that can help to increase your productivity.

This could lead to reduced motivation and also to a decrease in productivity. I do not say you have to be a professional Visual Studio guru with all short cuts and best in slot plugins, but it is crucial to see that sometimes things can not be changed and you have to tackle the problem rather than to give up.

What can we do against the hate?

So what can we do against the hate against a tool or technology? Is it even possible to escape hatred? It is a sturdy path and needs a lot of self-motivation, but it is worth it believe me.

Think about the great achievements that come with it.

Let's take JavaScript, for example, it is the most known language in the world. Every browser supports it and whoever develops in the web needs to know at least the basics of JavaScript. No one of us would read this article without JavaScript because Hashnode consists out of it. Even when google tried to get rid of JavaScript and introduced Dart, the browsers did not follow their example, because JavaScript is everywhere and nowadays even Dart compiles into JavaScript. So without JavaScript, the web like it is today, would not exist. I think I only met once or twice a purist that deactivated JavaScript in their browser and this was mainly because of security aspects.

Additionally, it has a lot of things that other languages referenced from JavaScript to make their language even better like the Arrow Functions, Spread operator or yet functional programming in Java 8.

See something that you enjoy with the language

JavaScript is absolutely crazy, and there are some funny videos about the quirks of the languages. And some creatives even created some esoteric programming things out of it like jsfuck where you can write every code in JavaScript with only 6 letters. So if you enjoy, for example, the wat video you could try to understand what is the reason for the problems that are explained.

This could give you complete new insight into the language and also could improve your perception and understanding of other languages. And this is always awesome right. So things we hate, have something that we can enjoy if we are open-minded and do not let our feelings come into our way.


So now we are here, is hate a good advisor. I would say no, it blinds our senses and sometimes comes with enormous costs for us and our colleagues. My mum always told me that hate is a pretty strong feeling about something and does not help anyone. I think she is right.

I know that this topic is a very emotional one, but I would love to hear what do you think about hate in programming?

Thanks for reading.

Title Image by Tim Gouw from Pexels

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